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Insurance Claims - Understanding the Claims Process

At Acclaimed Home Services, we understand that the claims process can vary from agency to agency. Therefore, it is important that we gather the necessary information from you so your claim can be processed quickly and efficiently. Your insurance company may refer you to a list of preferred vendors; however, you may select any contractor you wish to handle your reconstruction. Acclaimed Home Services is here to work on your behalf with your insurance company to ensure your customer satisfaction.
Important steps to make sure your claims are handled properly:

1.    FIRST STEP: The first step in filing your claim is contacting your insurance agent or company representative. The number should be located on your policy. With most companies, you may also file your claim via Internet.

2.    EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: In an emergency situation, it is essential to communicate to your insurance agency your preference of a restoration company. This ensures that we may obtain authorization from your agency to begin the mitigation process. To contact Acclaimed Home Services Restoration’s 24 hour emergency service line, please call #  and a representative of Acclaimed Home Services’s staff, or if it is after normal business hours, a representative of our call center will dispatch one of our field technicians to contact you within one hour. We will arrive at your property within 4 hours. The response time may vary and we might be at your property within an hour.

3.    CLAIM NUMBER: Once your claim has been filed, you will be issued a claim number and in most cases an adjuster will be assigned to you. While the claims process differs from agency to agency, most adjusters will make an appointment to meet with you at your home to inspect the damage. Sometimes, your insurance adjuster will rely on your contractor’s estimate to settle a claim. It is important that an Acclaimed Home Services technician be there at the initial inspection should an adjuster be on site. Remember that communication with your agent and/or adjuster is key in ensuring your claim is handled properly.

4.    CONSTRUCTION PROCESS: There are several factors that may influence how long it takes to settle your claim. The magnitude of the loss can determine whether or not your claim can be handled in a few days or weeks. If emergency services are necessary, work can be done while estimating is in process. Acclaimed Home Services is skilled in working with you and your insurance company to ensure that your claim is handled quickly and efficiently.

5.    COST ESTIMATING: The estimating process is a vital piece of the claims process. Acclaimed Home Services understands the importance of providing a thorough estimate to your insurance agent and adjuster. Our computerized estimates are provided through Xactimate and meet all of your agencies requirements. This will ensure a more timely reconstruction process.

Acclaimed Home Services is here to serve our clients with the utmost courtesy and care.
We believe in working with our clients in all aspects of the claims process to ensure that their restoration is handled right the first time.

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