FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you accept crdit cards? 
     Yes, credit cards are accepted as payment, but there is a merchant service fee of  2.5% applied.

2) How are and when are deducible paid?
    Deductibles are typically paid to the contractor prior to the start of the repair.  However, if there is a burden and you are unable to make a deductible payment immediately, we can discuss payment options.  This will not impede the start of the repairs. 

3) When can you start the repair?
     Mitigation needs to start immediately and then the insurance company will write their assessment of damages.  We will then assist you in getting an appropriate scope of repairs.  Once a scope is agreed upon, the repairs can start promptly. 

4) How long will the restoration process take?
    This is all dependent upon the degree of damages and mitigation that must take place.  Once an inspection is completed, we will give you a time line for repairs. 

5) Is this damage covered by insurance?
    Typically, most sudden damage is covered by your homeowners insurance policy.  However, there are events that are not covered.  Please contact us and one of our licensed   adjusters will be more than happy to discuss your policy and coverage.  Examples of covered items, pipe burst, toilet overflow, water heater rupture or leak, washing machine leak, roof leak, etc.

6) How soon should you dry the home?
     The drying process should start immediately as mold growth can begin within 48 hours. 

7) Why is it important to dry the home?  
    The longer you wait for the drying process, the more demolition is required to make proper repair and insure that your home is safe to inhabit  Failure to start timely and without a certified company may expose you to additional expenses that may not be covered by insurance. Typically drying needs to start as soon as the cause of loss has been terminated.  It is advantageous to the consumer to have someone on site to access the damages and develop a plan ASAP. 

8) What will it cost to run the equipment?
    Usually a few additional dollars per day based on the amount of equipment.  This is a covered loss under the homeowner policy’s “Additional Living Expense”.

9) Can I change the style of flooring, roofing, etc...from what the insurance company pays for?
     Yes, the insurance company will pay you to repair or replace for the damage to the type of existing building material.  If you wish to upgrade, the cost of the addition will be your responsibility. 

10) Who is responsible for paying for the service?
       The insurance policy is a contract with you and the insurer.  The insurance company has agreed to pay for the cost of repair to YOU in the case of a cover cause of loss (fire, wind, plumbing leak, etc).

11) Are you insured for liability and workers comp?
      Yes, we are insured and require that our subcontractors carry insurance coverage also.

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